Our Firm


Success               Excellence               Experience               Dedication

These words form the foundation of our firm.

We offer the experience and dedication of trial attorneys who insist on excellence in the pursuit of success for our clients.

We represent corporate, healthcare, and insurance clients through litigation, trials, and appeals all across Idaho and Eastern Oregon.  We are passionate about our serving clients and, as our opponents know, we win.

Many firms say they take pride in their work, but at Duke Scanlan Hall we live our values every day and our clients know that we not only win, but we help them manage the cost of litigation, while keeping them fully informed.

We employ several key strategies to help us effectively and efficiently fight for our clients:

  • Early case evaluation and budgeting — We know our clients must understand and embrace a  litigation strategy that fits their circumstance. We engage our clients from the beginning on strategy, budgets and evaluations. We believe our clients are entitled to know just what to expect from the litigation, the timing of the case, and the costs.
  • Well informed clients – Our clients are well informed through timely reports of case developments.  This approach allows us to work with our clients every step of the way, guiding them through the often inevitable challenges of litigation.
  • Efficient staffing – We staff our client’s cases efficiently and never load up a file with scores of billing attorneys and staff. Working with our clients we determine a lead attorney, a second chair attorney, and a paralegal.  If it turns out that additional staff is needed on a case, we get a client’s approval up front so they are not surprised by seeing another name on their bill.
  • Advanced legal technology – The experience of our firm extends to the skilled use of advanced legal technology in and out of the courtroom.  Unlike some firms who charge clients to have a person operate courtroom technology, we run the show ourselves and we have found that juries love it.

While we bring experience and dedication to the job of obtaining the best results for our clients, we are also proud of our profession and feel strongly that we – and the profession – can positively impact the lives of others.  As part of our commitment, we support enhancing diversity in the legal field, constant improvement in the legal profession, and helping our community.  Our attorneys and staff are involved in a variety of community outreach programs, legal organizations, and events that allow us to give back and represent our values.

Any understanding of our firm would not be complete without knowing how thankful we are to the family and staff that support us every day in so many ways.  Without them, we would not be able to achieve the results we do.
Finally, we are thankful for great clients who trust their cases to us and the families and the staff who support us in our work.

We are passionate about our values – experience, dedication, excellence and success.

This is Duke Scanlan Hall.  This is your firm. Let us put our values to work for you.